Our Services

Our primary services include, medical consultancy, medical records management, personal patient health profile management, healthcare facility booking and lots more.

Medical Consultancy

FavoriteDoctor Provides medical consultancy by connecting patients to medical experts and empowering experts for effective collaboration remotely. Through our user-minded easy to access technologies and a strong network of partnership with appropriate organizations, we create an easily accessible and affordable healthcare ecosystem for all. With Favdoctor app, user can easily locate and speak with any preferred medical experts.

Hospital Bookings

We help you find the right doctor when you need one. You can book appointments ahead of time to manage your health plan online. Plus, we'll notify your doctor if you've pre-authorized multiple treatments, meaning waiting times are shorter for everyone involved.

Virtual Self-tests

Our service is a virtual health self-test. It takes the form of a series of modules with questions about your habits, lifestyle and personal characteristics. We will provide you with a set of results that will help us understand more about your needs and expectations in creating a personalized support package for you. We want to be clear from the start that even though we can't guarantee specific results it's quite likely that we can detect some aspects of your health condition.

Ever wonder if you're in good health, but not sure how to find out? Virtual Self Tests can provide you with the opportunity to test your health without having access to a doctor or medical professional. With Virtual Health's self-testing kits, you can feel confident that you have a healthy body from head to toe. It's time for everyone to get tested!

Virtual self-tests is a Self-monitoring support for health self-management. Get tested, get results, make informed decisions and take control of your health today.


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